Challenging Common Misconceptions of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care and the practice of Western medicine may seem  mutually exclusive when discussing what roles they play in our healthcare regimen.  But many in the medical community challenge the traditional  perception between the two fields. This group hopes that people begin to see chiropractic care as a possible, perhaps superior, option over prescription medicine and surgical procedures.

“Doctored” is a documentary that aims to alter the common misconceptions of the medical industry and expand the idea of what it is to be a primary care provider.  The film explores the underrated areas of chiropractic care and alternative medicine and creates a new dialogue on how the nation perceives medical treatment.

About the Documentary

Executive Producer Jeff Hays wanted to explore the role of chiropractors in America’s healthcare system and examine how the monetization of healthcare has potentially excluded a legitimate group of treatment professionals.  He argues that the commercialization of medicine has impacted the nation’s health for the worse.  Most Americans only think of visiting their chiropractor when they have a crick in their neck or an ache in their back.  Hays wants to broaden the public’s perception of chiropractic care and explore how a chiropractor could play a bigger role in primary care for a person’s overall health.

The documentary looks at patients who had been successfully treated for an array of issues.  Patients suffering from chronic pain, Lyme disease, autism, frozen shoulder syndrome, multiple sclerosis and certain types of cancer showed tremendous improvement as a result of chiropractic therapy.  “Doctored” also explores the importance of diet, exercise and the risky complications linked to child vaccinations and prescription drugs.

Hays interviewed over 160 field experts for the film to give the most balanced approach to the discussion as possible.  Because the definition of primary care differs for so many people, he focused on delivering a comprehensive, in-depth look at Western medicine, complete with opposing opinions instead of creating a one-sided case in favor of chiropractic care.

However, despite offering a balanced argument, Hays wanted audiences to begin to consider that a chiropractor should play a primary role in their healthcare.  The documentary’s goal was to  break down the barriers of current public opinion and re-frame exactly what chiropractic care is all about.

To learn more about “Doctored” and to take part in changing the discussion of national health care, click here.

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