Companies Begin to Use Chiropractic Care as a Way of Alleviating Growing Healthcare Costs

A long day at the office can often be rough on both our minds and bodies.  Long hours at a desk, stressful work situations and poor work habits can all lead to less-than-ideal office environment.  Over time, employees can experience a myriad of negative physical and mental side effects that can lend to an overall decline in productivity.  As companies continue to explore the best ways to ensure the health of their employees and optimize the work experience and efficacy, many are beginning to explore on-site chiropractic care as a way to treat any medical problems before they become bigger and more expensive.

The travel consultant company, Sabre Holdings, has recently incorporated on-site chiropractic care to keep their employees feeling fit, healthy and ready to work.  The parent company of has begun using chiropractic care as part of their new wellness program.  The company says that their employees have really taken to the new program and they are seeing an overall improvement in the health of their workforce.

Jennifer Korba is one of Sabre’s employees that have definitely reaped the benefits of the on-site chiropractor.  Jennifer, who has been living in a wheelchair for the past 26 years, credits her chiropractor for helping her avoid invasive surgery.

The role of the chiropractor has been expanding at an increasing rate as the public is seeking more holistic and less invasive options in their medical treatment.  Employers are also beginning to promote chiropractic care because they see it as a way to augment health problems in the earlier stages and avoid costly treatments such as surgery and specialty medications.

The CEO of Sabre, Sam Gilliland, created the on-site chiropractic care services and says that the new program has helped keep company health costs under control.  Gilliland, a marathon runner, knows that the chiropractor can address a host of medical issues that, if left unchecked, and lead to greater and more costly problems.  Gilliland says that for every dollar that the company has spent in the wellness program, they have seen a return of about three dollars.  Gilliland clams that for businesses to thrive in our current economy, companies must initially invest in their employees’ health through wellness program’s like the one at Sabre in order to increase productivity and ultimately reduce the companies overall healthcare costs.

An article in the American Journal of Health Promotions confirms Gilliland’s claim, stating that for every dollar invested into a company wellness program will generally receive a return of between $2.13 and $10.10.  The article continues to explain that through using preventative practices, such as chiropractic care, companies can anticipate a reduction in medical claims, improved quality of work and reduced absenteeism.

With results like this, it comes as no surprise that more and more companies across the country are incorporating wellness programs and services such as on-site chiropractic care like Sabre.  It would seem that companies simply can’t afford not too.


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