How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Overall Health

Chiropractic care is most known for treating back and neck pain. According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, studies show that spinal manipulative therapy performed by a chiropractor, when combined with regular exercise, is more effective at relieving back and neck pain than medication. (Source:

Back Pain

What is less known about the benefits of chiropractic care is how treating the spine can help improve overall health. Spinal position impacts your central nervous system, which controls every function of your body.  Chiropractic care can relieve stress and pressure on the spine, removing nerve interference and stimulating the immune system.

In this recent news release, Dr. Carrie Getzmier, chair of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association Communications Committee explains how chiropractic care isn’t only safe for children, but can help reduce and prevent a number of symptoms in children including:

  • Headaches
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Heartburn or indigestion
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Skin disorders

ChiropractorMany of the same benefits of chiropractic care also exist for adults. For example, a clinical trial in Australia found chiropractic patients show decreasing physical asthma symptoms and cortisol levels, says Dr. Anthony Rosner, director of education and research for the Foundation of Chiropractic Education and Research. Read more.

Chiropractic care can even help lower blood pressure and improve digestion, both of which are regulated by the nerves in your body. By removing interference of signals to the nervous system caused by misaligned spine, proper communication between the brain, arteries and organs will be restored, improving the body’s vital functions.

Your spine protects your spinal cord and nervous system, upon which every vital function of your body depends. A properly aligned spine improves functionality and efficiency of your body, and thus improves overall health.

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