Maximizing Results on the HCG Diet

As with almost any diet, some people will experience more results on the hCG diet than others. The hCG diet has proven to help individuals successfully lose as much as 1-3 pounds per day and maintains long-term weight loss. However, not everyone on the hCG diet will experience these favorable results.

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Why? In order to experience the best results on the hCG diet, there is a specific protocol to follow. Allowing yourself to be flexible on one or more of those important aspects of the diet may significantly affect your results.

If you are considering the hCG diet to help you reach your New Year’s weight loss goals, here are 5 tips for maximizing your results on the hCG diet:

Get plenty of sleep. Lack of sleep not only slows weight loss, it can also increase appetite. Even adults should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Additionally, while on the diet, you may experience a strong appetite during the first few days. Getting adequate sleep will help reduce your appetite and cravings.

Follow the diet plan. It is important to follow the meal plan prescribed in the diet. Do not make substitutions of similar foods. Sticking with the diet plan and eating foods as outlined in the plan will help you get the results you are looking for.

Steer clear of prepackaged foods. Canned foods and other prepackaged foods often contain high amounts of sugar, sodium and other preservatives. Do not substitute canned fruits and vegetables for fresh fruits and veggies. Eating canned meats, fruits and vegetables will cause you to lose less weight while on the diet.

Practice variety. Change up your meals each day. If you eat beef for lunch, eat chicken or fish for dinner. Likewise, adding variety in your fruits and vegetables may help you see better results than if you were to eat the same foods consistently.

Eat at home. One of the most important things to remember while on the hCG diet is to prepare your meals at home. When you eat at a restaurant, it is nearly impossible to control how your food is prepared and what goes into cooking your meal, including what oils and spices are used. While most restaurants allow you to make special requests, the bottom line is that you do not have access to a restaurant’s kitchen, and therefore, it is never as healthy to eat out as it would be to prepare a healthy meal at home.

The hCG diet should be administered under the supervision of a medical professional. If you are considering the hCG diet to help you meet your New Year’s weight loss goals, consult with your physician and seek help from a medical professional to administer your diet.

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